Bill Validation


Mistakes. No one likes to them make them but they do happen. Energy suppliers have thousands of customers and millions of energy meters to manage, they use various systems and technology to ensure it runs smoothly but errors are inevitable when dealing with such high figures. 

A surprisingly large number of UK business energy bills are incorrect, this can obviously be costing into the thousands of pounds over the duration of your energy contract and even more alarmingly a lot of businesses simply do not know that this is happening.

Utility Stream in its mission to simplify business energy offers a vital bill validation service so that we can be confident that our client is being billed accurately and isn’t over paying their supplier – in short we only want clients to pay for the energy that they are consuming. 

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We validate every aspect of your bills and we take any errors or discrepancies very seriously, we will validate historic bills where possible and if any errors are found we then follow this up with the energy supplier in question with the aim to recover overpaid monies on your behalf. This exists to ensure that our clients are getting a high level of service and are 100% confident post validation that everything is as it should be. 

By letting Utility Stream validate your bills, not only do you ensure your bills are accurate but this is a crucial opportunity for us to understand your energy usage and portfolio and be in a better place to deal with its future procurement.

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