Intelligent energy monitoring & targeting

Full analysis delivered by our sophisticated energy management software

Being able to manage your energy efficiency and plan for your business relies on being able to access the data you need when you need it. That’s where our Daytona intelligent energy monitoring & targeting system empowers your business to do more.

We have put together an industry leading reporting system that gives you the right information for your business to help achieve it’s net-zero goals.

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The front page dashboard will show you what you are paying, your annual consumption, how many meters are active, site location map of all meters across the country and a meter analysis of what fuel you use the most within your business


An overview of all activities being looked at as part of our account management plan. This holds all open and historic activities for you to see, whether they have been requested by you or are just part of our daily activities ensuring your accounts are all running smoothly


Agree fixed alerts when your consumption breaches fixed agreed levels. Alternatively, we can set dynamic alerts which are based on moving averages, minimums or maximums.

Monitor and Target all your utilities

We retrieve your consumption data direct from the Data Collector, AMR, BEMS provider (or supplier), allowing us and you to view and validate your consumption from an independent source


Capability to monitor all your utilities in one place, including Solid Fuel, Biomass, LPG, Waste. We can import consumption and invoices and all the standard industry accepted formats. Compare your sites, track trends in kWh’s, £’s and CO2.


Utilise our comprehensive invoice validation service. With 20 years’ experience and market leading software we can carry out up to 100 validation checks, configured to your requirements. We provide an approved payment file having queried or resolved any issues.


We can fulfil all your custom financial reporting and management information requirements. We import all your billing information direct from the supplier, meaning that regardless of supplier all your information will be stored in one secure central location


Access to a powerful tool to produce Display Energy Certificates (DEC’s). Our system is accredited to allow any approved energy assessor to use the software to produce certificates.


We retrieve all your consumption data from industry sources such as Data Collectors, AMR providers and suppliers as frequently as Day +1 or mirroring what your reader can provide. Our software allows you to track and compare your sites consumption in almost real time


Apportion costs to tenants in your properties or internal departments as required. Our system has the capability to support large and complex portfolios