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Business Utility Procurement

Business Energy prices. They can be complicated at the best of times and recently the country has faced some very challenging times on this front.

USL’s fixed price offering allows you to take a position in the market and lock in a fixed price giving you something very valuable in the process, fixed price certainty. Our aim is to help you with a strategic view, waiting for the time in the market before making a commitment to anything. Our energy buying team will monitor the markets for you, with the sole focus being on fixing your price at the best time for the for the right duration – that’s all. This gives you the power back to focus on managing your business.

Fixed-price contracts are open to all businesses and best suited to anyone who desires a high degree of budgeting certainty and security in pricing.

Business Energy

For large Corporate and Industrial & Commercial customers, we offer bespoke tendering solutions ensuring that all of your supply requirements are met.

Business Energy


Business gas prices may be calculated on either a fixed or a variable rate tariff which gives us the opportunity to fine tune your supply and secure you a solution that works for your business

Business Energy


We understand that Business electricity prices and plans are calculated and set up differently to a domestic supply. Working with you we will appreciate your needs and offer the best recommendation to ensure the right deal.

Business Energy


Renewable (green) energy is an often cost-neutral option and provides you with the ability to report and advertise your business being more sustainable.

Business Energy

Use our understanding to get the right deal

Through our team of industry professionals and extensive network of suppliers your business energy needs are in safe hands.


We want to understand your requirements and get an idea of your current portfolio. How this works for you right now and any pros and cons this may carry such as bill frequency or method of billing. This part is pivotal as this will directly help us formulate the strategy we should adopt to ensure best outcome as we move forward and specifics of any new solutions.

Market Tender

Making the right decision for your business is very important, we offer a personalised one-to-one relationship between you and a dedicated consultant so we can move on to liaise with partners and suppliers on your behalf, leaving you to focus on your business with the knowledge that we will take care of most aspects of the procurement.


We work with a wide range of established suppliers and partners who are specialists in renewable energy. Together we know the importance of buying energy at the right time and at the right budget, we will take the time to understand your needs and will strive to develop an energy efficient plan for your budget and offer long term savings.

Comparison Analysis

Our Procurement Specialists will analyse the results, prepare a summary report and report back with an official USL recommendation. Our analysis will ensure that all offers are being compared on a like for like basis. We do this for every single client because to us you are not just a number and our clients are at the heart of everything we do. Our business grows when yours does, so we get to understand what you need to achieve and support you through the market.

Contracts Actioned

Once we have been through our summary report and you are happy, we can place your energy supply contracts as discussed ensuring that any special terms are inclusive. We will continue to guide you through to the stage where you have had your bills and are happy that everything is as it should be. We are always here to help after the fact.