What is Voltage Optimisation?

Voltage Optimisation (VO) is a very intelligent energy saving technology that is used to monitor, clean and optimise the incoming power supply. By simply reducing the incoming voltage down to a more suitable level for the on-site electrical equipment and appliances. 

The reason this exists is quite simple –  generally speaking the power that is supplied from the National Grid is at a higher voltage than needed today as technology moves on and the equipment we use nowadays does not need as much voltage to function as it once did. The National Grid power is still supplied at a higher voltage due to older electrical distribution networks in place from years ago that were designed to function at higher voltage levels as that was necessary at the time. 

If your business premises are being supplied at a higher voltage than necessary, there is a higher probability that there are levels of wasted energy, and excessive levels of carbon emissions too. Furthermore, there is also an increased chance that your energy bills are higher than they need to be, and this will almost certainly have a detrimental effect on any electrical equipment you may use which will result in a dramatically reduced life span.

By taking some basic steps with Utility Stream, we can conclusively change how your business energy is consumed. 

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